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Commercial Services

commmaintmini-e1369080091206.pngServices for Commercial Accounts

Courtney Landscape & Pools offers all of our maintenance and landscape design services for commercial accounts. Please contact our office for an evaluation and quote for your specific needs.

Commercial Maintenance

Our commercial landscape maintenance services includes weekly or monthly plant and tree care, irrigation system maintenance, lighting maintenance, turf care (as applicable), pest and disease control and site clean-up.

In addition to our standard maintenance services, we take care to focus on the details of maintaining your property. Specifically, we make sure all trash is removed, there are no dead plants or weeds, grass is green (with no dead or brown spots) and that flowers are replaced or added to beautify spot areas.

Our commercial services rates are competitive and will vary based on your specifc needs. Please contact our office for a customized quote for your property or portfolio.

Commercial Landscape Design

landscapeplanSpecializing in commerical landscape design, Courtney Landscape & Pools can develop a design plan that addresses your property maintenance specifications and budget. We know that balancing the maintenance costs of your commercial property versus maintaining the asthetics can be challenging. The Las Vegas area has unique seasonal needs and issues that your commercial maintenance designer should take into account when developing your landscaping design.

Courtney Landscape & Pools has several years of experience working with commercial properties and can incorporate design elements such as low-volume irrigation systems, low-voltage lighting systems and Xeriscaping (or “Dry-Scaping”) to solve your commercial landscaping needs.

Please contact our office for more information.