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Pool Remodeling

You Can Remodel Your Pool

Preserve the investment of your pool. Let us work with you to remodel your pool and give it a new life!

The Other Guys

  • Jackhammer your pool: This method is overly aggressive, and can damage the structure of your pool by exposing rebar, creating “hangers” or pockets of plaster that can be peeled off with your fingers, and creating hollow spots which greatly compromise the integrity of the pool shell. Running multiple jackhammers simultaneously produces harmonic waves that can create stress fractures, thereby weakening the pool shell.
  • Pocking: This method uses a chipping gun to produce holes every 12-18.” Doing so breaks the concrete irreparably and exposes only 20% of the surface for bonding. This means that 80% of your pool structure is already set up for bond failure.
  • Welding hammer pick method: This method aggressively knocks out the old plaster and uses a sand and cement slurry coat applied haphazardly with a brush-a process called “dashing.” The bond coat will likely begin to drip producing an uneven surface.
  • Ignore chemical buildup: Chemical reactions are responsible for much of the damage that pools undergo. If they are not attended to, they will compromise any work being done and will cause further bond failure requiring more work, and ultimately more money.

Our Process

  • We use flat face chisels to gently scrape off the old plaster and any/all chemical deposits, leaving us with a fresh surface to work with without damaging the structural integrity of your pool.
  • Water blast at 4000psi to remove loose deteriorated material and debris, ensuring a clean and even surface with no loose material left behind to impair our plaster.
  • Shoot on the new surfacing with modified polymers, pozzalins, and silica fume made exclusively for us and designed to resist chemical attack, and maintain its compressibility strength and durability longer.

For a free copy of our white paper “All Plaster is Not Created Equal” Click on the button below.

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