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Pool Construction

Our Pool Building Process

Pool construction incorporates a number of steps, processes and products that, when well orchestrated, result in the pool you deserve and can enjoy for years to come!


The Design

pool_construction1-300x225.jpgWe can design and build the pool and spa of your dreams. Sabrina Hazel, our designer, in addition to her Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture from UNLV, has years of experience designing pools in a variety of sizes and landscapes for residential and commercial properties.

Any of the work performed by Courtney Landscape & Pools will be done by licensed, insured and bonded professionals.

In addition to your new pool we can also help you choose the surface (smooth vs. pebble tech or quartz), tile and deck that suits your needs and assist with safety precautions like gates and alarms.

Construction Process

Our attention to detail is impeccable and our workmanship is second to none. This is accomplished by our professional construction team. Unlike some contractors, we do not use a bid process. We use the same professional people every time. (They are practically family now.)

The pool is laid out by our team and at each step, we will require your approval before continuing.

Pools are dug, steeled and plumbed by the same person(s) for continuity of the build. Electrical done by the same person as well.

Our crews take care of the tile, coping, plastering, and start-up until the job is completed.

poolblend.png crystaltech.png

Products Used

We use our own superior products, developed exclusively for us, and made right here in America.

Pool Blend is a polymer and pozzolan modified cement mixed with limestone, washed three times, and demagnetized. What that means is that the product has increased compressibility, strength and durability and will last longer and require less maintenance. It comes with a 5 year warranty

Crystal Tech is a premium surface heavily modified with polymers and pozzalins and true dolomitic marble sand. This improves the strength and integrity of the pool surface and extends the life of your pool. It comes with a 25 year warranty

Completed Projects

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