Green Santa SleeveGo Green - Courtney Lights Energy Savings!

Courtney Lights is offering our "GREEN SANTA PROGRAM", guaranteed to reduce your energy consumption and put money back in your pocket - all for the same price as your regular holiday lighting program!

Ask about out GO GREEN GUARANTEE to:

  1. Save money by reducing watt usage,
  2. Reduce your carbon footprint, and
  3. Do the right thing and conserve

The Green Santa Program Includes:

  • Full assessment of your property's power usage with your current holiday decor and display Program
  • Reduced wattage: lower electrical holiday consumption by as much as 50% to 80%
  • Inspection and review of electrical layout

To guarantee savings, Courtney Lights Decorators must review your location’s fourth quarter last year utility bills. Please contact a representative for complete program details and requirements.

# of Bulbs (C9) Incandescent Watt Usage LED Watt Usage ENERGY SAVINGS (Watts)
1,000 7,000 960 6,040
2,000 14,000 1,920 12,080
3,000 21,000 2,880 18,120
4,000 28,000 3,840 24,160
5,000 35,000 4,800 30,200

Energy Savings Lights

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